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2515 Taft Ave is a physical address located in Manteca, California, a city located in San Joaquin County. The address is in a residential area that is easily accessible via major roads and highways. It is a convenient location for people living in the Manteca area who need to visit this address for various reasons.

The address is located in a peaceful neighborhood that is home to many families and individuals. The surroundings are serene, with beautiful scenery and greenery that provides a relaxed atmosphere. The area is well-maintained, with clean streets and well-kept homes, making it an ideal place to live or visit.

2515 Taft Ave, Manteca
California USA (95337)

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Lakwinder Singh Lakha

Chief Executive Officer

Lakwinder Singh Lakha has been an outstanding leader, driving our company to new heights of success. Their visionary leadership, strategic thinking, and dedication to excellence have inspired and motivated our entire team.


Baljinder Singh Khalsa

Chief Marketing Officer

Baljinder has implemented innovative programs to support employee development and well-being, fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion, and launched initiatives to give back to the communities where we operate.


Gurmeet Singh Khalsa

Accounting Executive

His attention to detail and expertise in accounting principles has ensured that our financial statements are accurate and reliable, and his leadership of the accounting department has created a cohesive and effective team


Tajinderpal Singh Lakha

Creative Art Director

we are proud to have such a talented and visionary person at the helm of our team. His leadership has been transformative, and we are excited to see what the future holds under their continued guidance.